Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blessed Unrest


This Midsummer Night's Dream was perhaps the most delightful play we have seen so far. We had seen so many stinkers as we crawled out to the odd corners of Manhattan for this project, and Blessed Unrest's promise of "theater for the adventurous" and invitation to come over for drinks made me worry they were going to try and get us liquored up before a performance of the play in pig latin or with sock puppets.

Instead, this was a tight, well-acted, and fun production, right down to a choreographer Lady Gaga dance at the end of the first act. Vaishnavi Sharma and especially Hannah Wilson are terrific. Even the space, which looked like a scrubbed down Soho loft circa 1975, including the coughing pipes, was a vast improvement over the other church basements we've crept into

We've got a full-deck of Shakespeare in the days and weeks to come. I dare say I'd see this one again.

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