Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nature is overrated

Shakespeare in the Park has spawned various Learian children, some more worthy of their noble parentage than others. This summer we've seen Shakespeare in the Parking Lot (both Love's Labor's Lost, and Julius Caesar), Shakespeare in the Pagoda (Romeo & Juliet), and Shakespeare on Governor's Island (Macbeth), not to mention a few other performances in Central Park not affiliated with The Public Theater. I'm relieved that theaters will be opening up their doors again to let in this rained upon, sore-bottomed refugee. I'm tired of not hearing half the play. Tired of envying the wiseacres who showed up 45 minutes before showtime to grab the few seats on offer. Tired of shooshing and being shooshed. Of mosquito spray and wood chips. I confess: a summer of Shakespeare out in the open and I have become a grouchy, conservative purist. I'll take my Bard straight-up thank you, no Central park rocks for me.

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